Why Go With Global Descents?

• World-Class Adventure, Unsurpassed Quality, Extraordinary Value
• Explore the World’s Greatest River Canyons
• Five-Star Guest Services
• Highly Experienced, Fun, and Dynamic Expedition Leaders
• Interaction with People from Remote Cultures

Global Descents offers expeditions to suit every adventure traveler. We cater some of the world’s greatest river and adventure travel trips to ten different rivers on four continents. The Zanskar River and Siang River – India, Asia. The Zambezi River – Zambia and the Matsiatra River – Madagascar, Africa. The Rio Futaleufu  – Chile, the Rio Cotahuasi and the Rio Ampurimac – Peru, and the Rio Fonce and the Rio Suarez – Columbia, South America. The Rio Chama – New Mexico, North America.

These rivers rank among the most sought-after descents in the world of whitewater adventure rafting.

The logistical complexities involved in running these rivers cannot be understated, but we have designed proven successful itineraries that produce high-quality, exciting, safe, and exceptionally fun trips every time. Whether you choose the aqua blue wave trains of Patagonia, the exotic wildlife and warm waters of Africa, the ten-thousand foot deep Himalayan canyon of northern India, or the jungle runs of South America, your adventure with Global Descents will be an unforgettable physical and cultural experience of lifetime!

Mission Statement

“To explore the world’s many amazing rivers with great groups of people.”


On your expedition with Global Descents, you will get to know your guides, all of whom you will find to be some of the most enthusiastic and dedicated people in the world. All are have more than a decade of experience running rivers across the globe. Simply put, we cut no corners in choosing our staff. As the backbone of our company, every one of our guides are knowledgeable about the rivers we run, and are fun, talented, people with exceptional river skills and uncompromising safety practices. Most of all, they are incredibly enthusiastic about sharing their favorite rivers with you. Meet your experienced Guides >>


A guided river expedition with Global Descents will offer you the comfort, security and service of a U.S company abroad. We pride ourselves as true professionals, and have systems in place to ensure a safe and fun filled adventure.

Our Focus

Global Descents’ focus is personal service to each individual. Understanding your needs, passions, and interests help us to create the travel experience of a lifetime.


We pride ourselves on using the best equipment in the industry: self-bailing rafts; US Coast Guard approved life jackets; fully adjustable helmets; thick, inflatable sleeping pads; and quality expedition tents. By staying up to date with the latest in gear technology, we are able to provide a higher level of comfort and safety. Let’s face it: it’s just more fun with good gear.


We have mastered the art of creating great cuisine in remote locations. We prepare regional cuisine highlighting specialties of each area. We invite you to sit back, relax and enjoy the warm campfire as we prepare your meal to remember.


There are constant threats to rivers all over the globe. From potential dams to other environmental threats to the watershed, it is the river community’s duty to inform both its guests and local communities about the benefits of protecting the resource. Global Descents strives to do its part in demonstrating the benefits of tourism to rivers by supporting the local economy as much as possible. We do this through buying locally and employing a large local support team.