Client Testimonials

Dear Matt,

I want to thank you for the adventure of a lifetime. Rafting the Zambezi was an amazing experience I thought only the elite could accomplish. Fortunately, you made the impossible possible and brought us everyday adventure seekers to AFRICA! Immersing ourselves in the culture and wildlife of Zambia was a dream come true. Our shared experiences in Africa will be with me always and I can’t wait to do it all over again in Chile on the Futa.

Thanks again, Kate Tuck


Matt and Harvey,

I’m writing to thank you for the expedition of a lifetime! I’ve traveled around the world with numerous outfitters, and I have to say that my Global Descents Zanskar expedition was hands down the most best one that I’ve participated in. Your professionalism, your fun and flexible personalities, and your ability to handle the most extreme situations amazed me. I look forward to the Zambezi this fall and the Futaleufu next January! Yours truly,

– Jeremy Deem


Dear Matt,

My experience on the Zambezi with Matt and Global descents was definitely a profound one. Nowhere else in my life, including my time in the Navy, have I felt such a genuine feeling of camaraderie and friendship. Matt and the Global Descents Team seem to be able to attract the best type of people, bring them together, and expertly lead them through an exhilarating experience. Thanks for the great memories.

– Drew Reed
Hi Matt,

I thought you’d get a kick out of knowing that my mom is singing your praises to business audiences. We’ve been promoting our new book in Atlanta, Austin, Memphis, Chicago, and Madrid, and she’s ending her speeches with a story about how you got down in the boat and gave a pep talk to the women before the last few rapids…and what a difference you made to the women…and what a great example of leadership you are. The audiences love the story. You’re a hit! All the best to you, Matt.

– Elizabeth Pagano