Colombia Multi-Sport

Imagine paragliding into a majestic canyon deeper than the Grand Canyon and landing in front of your raft, rigged and ready to explore amazing rapids and remote villages.  This is just one of the adventures you’ll enjoy in a week of exploration of one of South America’s last frontiers…Colombia!   After years of civil conflict and turmoil, Colombia has made great strides and has finally being recognized as one of the greatest adventure destinations in world.  The third largest country in South America is characterized by long reaching vistas, innumerable mountains, canyons and valleys and a perfect year round equatorial climate.

In Colombia the great Andes Mountain Range ends and forms three distinct ranges engulfing the country.  The Colombia experience is greatly enriched by the warm, welcoming and generous people.  For river explorers, this signifies nothing less than paradise.  Global Descents is very excited to offer the greatest adventure trip in Colombia focused in the vast and beautiful mountains of the Cordillera Oriental.  Come join us for one of the greatest adventures on earth!