Colombia Multi-Sport Extended Trip Options


Nestled in a small valley surrounded by the majestic peaks of the Cordillera Central, Medellin, the city of eternal spring, is the second largest and greatest city in Colombia. In recent years, Medellin has been restored to its former status as thriving metropolis and flourishing center for academic and medical excellence. Twenty years after the death of Pablo Escobar, this city has been reborn and shed its former reputation of crime and drug cartels.

Now, with its state of the art rapid transit system and pristine architecture, the city is enjoying a new era of relative safety and security. Of the many sites to visit in Medellin, be sure not to miss the Museo de Antioquia which boasts the largest collection by Fernando Botero who is originally from Medellin.

Seieng the city on foot is a great adventure and should not be missed. Start in the old quarter by the Parque Bolivar and for lunch don’t miss the regions best dish, La Bandeja Paisa. There are also a variety of day long excursions out of the city and into the surrounding coffee growing fincas. There are flights daily on all major carriers both national and international in and out of Medellin.



Cartagena is quite possibly the most famous colonial city in all of South America. This was the first city on the South American mainland and now a UESCO World Heritage Site. The houses that line the old city’s cobblestone streets give the place a magical ambience. The residences have a distinct Spanish colonial architecture, with tall shutters, thick wood-beamed balconies and stone towers in the back that originally served to spy ships on the horizon.

Your own walking tour through the city is the best bet. The streets are narrow and cobblestone and wind around breezy plazas, shaded cafes and ornate churches. There are also a number of wonderful museums to visit as well as the some of the best known beaches in the world. A day trip to the Rosario Islands is recommended for beautiful beaches, swimming, snorkeling and diving. Transportation in and out of Cartagena is easy as there are numerous international flights daily and national flights with all carriers.