Meet Your Colombia Multi-Sport Guides


Cesar Diaz

Cesar is quite possibly the best known guide in Colombia.  He has played a primary role in promoting river recreation and exploration in Colombia for the past 10 years. Cesar is the current Colombian National Kayak Slalom Champion and has represented Colombia in slalom competitions abroad.  In addition to being credited for many first descents throughout Colombia, Cesar is continually looking for more.  He runs the river almost daily and lives with his partner Gladys in the small Colombian town of San Gil.



Dave Kashinski - Global Descents GuideDavid Kashinski

When it comes to finding someone to explore a new river or jump on board for anything adventurous, Dave is the first in line and the best partner you could choose. He started running rivers as a kid growing up in Aspen, Colorado. At the age of 17 he started his career as a leading river guide on the Colorado River through Grand Canyon. Working during the summers as he earned his degree from Brown University, Dave’s passion for the river never subsided. After school he continued to follow his passion for running rivers and has become a world-class river guide having worked in many destinations including Chiapas, Belize, Chile, India, Peru, Ecuador and Colombia.


Matt Gontram - Global Descents GuideMatthew Gontram

Matt started rafting and kayaking in Colorado at the age of eighteen. Since that first summer on the rivers of the southwest, Matt has pursued his passion for running rivers around the globe. He has worked as a guide and led expeditions in numerous locations and can never seem to get enough. When not working on the river, you can find Matt looking for a ride to the put-in or tirelessly looking for new destinations for Global Descents. Matt and his wife Wendy call Embudo, New Mexico home and enjoys the rivers of the Southwest as much as possible.



Wendy Hinton - Global Descents GuideWendy Hinton

Wendy started her rafting career on the Rio Grande and Rio Chama and has been in love with rivers ever since. She has left New Mexico to search out other rivers in the U.S and beyond, working in Zambia, Colombia and California to name a few. She loves to share her passion for the river with everyone in her boat. She is also the backbone of the Global Descents headquarters in New Mexico and spends her summers guiding the many different sections of the Rio Grande river basin. When not on the river, Wendy enjoys walking her dogs on area trails and kayaking her local rivers.