Peru Travel Tips


Many airlines fly to Peru. You’ll connect through Lima. Below are some of the major airlines. The easiest way to determine carriers in your area is to use one of the many options on our Travel Links page to determine who flies to Peru. Also, please check out these airline websites for discounts.

American Airlines
British Airways
Air Canada
Air France

Health Precautions/Water

Unfortunately, water for consumption while traveling internationally is not always as reliable as your water at home.  It is imperative that we all pay close attention to our own personal hygiene and staying healthy before and throughout the river expedition.  Please be religious about washing your hands throughout the trip, especially before and after eating and using the toilet.  Tap water and water served from unknown sources before and after the trip is not to be trusted.  Stick with bottled water only!  You may choose to bring your own water purification system or tablets.  However, there will always be plenty of clean water available throughout the river portion of the expedition.



U.S. and British citizens have no visa requirements for stay in Peru up to ninety days.  All that is needed is a valid passport that remains valid for at least six months after your departure date from Peru.



The national currency of Peru is the Sol, which comes in denominations of S/. 200, 100, 50, 20 and 10. At the time of this writing, the exchange with the U.S dollar was S/.3.3 to 1 USD. Foreign currency can be exchanged in all change bureaus.  It is best to exchange at change houses rather than banks.  ATMs are also available throughout the country’s larger cities.



There is excellent shopping throughout Peru.  All transactions will take place in Soles so make sure that you visit the change house or ATM prior to heading to the market.  Not to be missed in Arequipa is Iberica, the chocolate factory.  As well, Incan wool goods, ceramics, and incredible restaurants await.  If you are hungry at the market, try and resist the food sold on the streets by vendors or small stands… you never know!