Matsiatra River Expedition

The river’s source is in the central highlands and it heads west through increasingly isolated terrain towards the Makay range before joining the ever changing Mangoky River. The scenery will be spectacular and each day will present new wonders and challenges for the expedition team. Parts of the river have a reasonably steep gradient so a few portages will be necessary. Expedition members do not need previous rafting experience, as full training will be given. It will be possible to opt out of some of the longer treks.

Each day on the canyons of the Matsiatra River, we shall encounter truly fantastic landscapes and see much of the endemic wildlife including lemur, reptiles and birds. As well as the exotic fauna, we can expect to spot the crocodiles that inhabit parts of these river systems in Madagascar. Continuing on the Matsiatra, we raft through beautiful and narrow gorges until we meet the impressive Mangoky River where we continue our descent until the take out. As this is a full-on camping expedition we plan to spend our last few days relaxing by the beach at a luxurious resort on the warm waters of the Mozambique Channel.