Matsiatra Extended Trip Options

Ranomafana National Park

Nestled in the hills next to the rushing Namorana River, the village of Ranomafana, which means “hot water”, is a friendly place. For a long time it served as a thermal bath centre and was a popular spot during the colonial era. Today it’s mostly used as a jumping-off point for visiting Ranomafana National Park, which is just 7km away. With more sleeping options than the park, many people choose to spend the night in this village. The market is huge, both in size and popularity, and worth a wander. Look for sweet juicy strawberries and bright woven basket. Streets are filled with lots of dogs and kids and lots of people just sitting around, but it’s a friendly place that’s not intimidating.

Trekking through this National Park of more than 100,000 acres is a soul-soothing experience. The air always feels fresh and cool and the scenery is spectacular. Although, do be ready for rain here anytime of the year. The landscape consists of odd-shaped rolling hills, thick with dark-green vegetation, and numerous small streams that turn into waterfalls as they roll off slate-grey rocks and into the rushing Namorona River below. Ranomafana National Park was set up in 1986 to protect two species of rare lemur – the golden bamboo lemur and the greater bamboo lemur. This is truly one of Madagascar’s best and most popular parks.