Río Aros Expedition

The Río Aros runs through rural Sonora and is one of the best the best, most underrated, river excursions in Mexico. Approximately 70 miles on the Río Aros putting in at Natora to Sahuaripa our take out). The rivers water is clean, exciting, and huge, often around 8000 CFS. Keep your eyes peeled for Jaguars, black bears and cougars as they are the top predators in the area, also around are parrots, bald eagles, river otter and ocelot. While on the river there will be ample time to witness the vast beauty of Sonora Mexico and unwind on the wild and aesthetic Río Aros. Throughout the trip you will be accompanied by the most professional and experienced guide teams within the wilderness expedition industry. Their experience and know how, allows guests with little to no outdoor experience to enjoy the trip without a worry. Sit back, relax and enjoy a part of Mexico that many have and will never experience the way you will on the Rio Aros.