Río Aros Extended Trip Options

Baja Sea Kayak Expedition

Kayaking in the Sea of Cortez is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity, paddling through turquoise waters with the possibility of swimming with huge whale sharks, giant sea turtles, or mellow sea lions. The Gulf has many geological attractions like arching rock formations on the beach being guarded by towering barrel cactus standing over 15 feet tall, it is truly old Mexico as you would imagine it! The contrast between the desert and the beautiful sea are the paradise we all have dreamt of. Fall time in the Gulf it is getting into sport fish season as colorful dorado come first, then the bill fish and tuna toward the end. It is a perfect time to try to land a fighting sport fish you will never forget.

From the Hermosillo airport the extended trip will then spend the day resupplying while we have modern conveniences, enjoying local culture and journeying down to Guayma to board the ferry across the Sea of Cortez to Santa Rosalia. Before we board the ferry the group gets to enjoy some of the freshest seafood imaginable, the will leave just before sunset and all guests will enjoy private cabins upon the boat. 


Baja Sea Kayak Itinerary

Day 10

We land at the port of Santa Rosalia at 6 am and after docking, we will travel to our final destination Loreto. After breakfast we will go to Loreta National park to begin our sea kayak tour from Puerto Escondido headed out to Isla Danzante to out camp for the next few days. The Loreto national ocean park a beautiful area to snorkel and witness the natural phenomenon, bioluminescence. We will be camping on the sands of remote beaches and enjoying the cool night breeze.

Day 11

The next morning, we will enjoy a paddle centric yoga session and return to our kayaks to find our way around the island to explore the geology, caves and the unusual rock formations along the coastline. The entire circumference of the island will cover almost 14 nautical miles around the Loreto National parks most popular island. There will be more opportunity to snorkel, explore the interior of the island, witness the abundance of wildlife or try your hand at fishing for your dinner. After we return to camp, we will be greeted by delicious margaritas, cool ceviche and a fiesta under the stars.

Day 12

Once we have shaken the sleep from our eyes, we’ll make our way back to the main land to leisurely make our way back to Santa Rosalia to check into our hotel for the final evening together in Baja.

Day 13

The next morning, we board the ferry to cross the gulf one final time. After we land in Guaymas for an evening docking, dinner and, or transport to the airport. As we travel back, you’ll truly have an opportunity to reflect on how amazing the past few weeks have been. From airport in Hermosillo we will finally leave Mexico and return home.