Chile Travel Tips


For US and European citizens there are no visas necessary for travel in Chile or Argentina. Residents of other countries should check with their travel agencies for visa requirements.


Check Your Passport

Months before you travel, make sure your passport is up-to-date and will not expire while you are traveling. Keep at least one copy of your airplane tickets, passport, and driver’s license in a separate place while traveling.



Though water quality in Chile is generally safe, it is recommended that you drink bottled or filtered water. While there are no required immunizations or vaccinations for Chile, it is a good idea to check with your doctor to see which ones you might want before traveling. There is no risk of malaria in Chile.


Money in Chile/Argentina

The currency of Chile is the Chilean Peso. Currently, the exchange rate is somewhere around 500 Chilean Pesos for 1 US dollar. The currency of Argentina is the Argentine Peso. Currently, the exchange rate is somewhere around 3.1 Argentine Pesos for 1 US dollar. To check the latest rates, you can go online to or There are automatic bank tellers (ATMs) in almost every major city in Chile and Argentina, and they provide a good exchange rate. In Patagonia and along the Carretera Austral of Southern Chile, it is unlikely to find an ATM. It is best to get any extra money you may need while in Puerto Montt or Bariloche. A credit card can be used at most stores, restaurants and hotels in well populated or tourist areas.



There will be opportunities to purchase locally produced goods such as woolens and artwork and the famous chocolate factories in Bariloche. There are ATMs available all over town.