Río Usumacinta Expedition

The Rio Usumacinta is one of the most culturally abundant rivers in Central America, flowing through the heart of multiple ancient Mayan civilizations. The river serves as the border between Guatemala and Mexico. It is set in the rural jungles that are home to an assortment of wildlife such as Toucans, multiple types of parrots, big cats, monkeys and more types of birds than even the most avid Audoban member could ask for. With the combination of the exquisite ancient culture and exotic wildlife, this is a jungle river trip of a lifetime. The Rio Usumacinta is one of the most voluminous rivers in Central America and is said to be comparable with the Grand Canyon. This water level creates whirlpools that are somewhat of a rare sight on any river. What makes this trip truly amazing is the architectural ruins from the Ancient Mayans, the intricate carvings in the Limestone Lintels and structures. There are several different ancient sites to be viewed including Yaxchilan, and Piedra Negras which are the two major rivaling cities with countless inscriptions and hundreds of individual features to be explored.