Usumacinta River Extended Trip Options 


Fiesta de Enero en Chiapa de Corzo

This festival has taken place in Chiapas since the Spanish were thriving in the region in the early 1500’s. The festival is a combination of local cultural gastronomy, music, dancing with the Parachicos and honoring Saint Anthony Abbot, Our Lord of Esquipulas and Saint Sebastian. This festival happens for just over a week in mid-January and is one of the largest cultural festivals in Mexico itself taking place in Chiapa de Corzo. 

Tulum beach vacation 

Ancient ruin site on white sand beaches near Playa del Carmen and Cancun providing the beautiful tropical experience most look for in a Mexican vacation. Tulum is the third most popular Mayan site in Mexico behind Teotihuacan and Chichen Itza, fortunately Chichen Itza is within driving distance to fully round any historical pilgrimage. Tulum offers many options of activities to all kinds, from more ruins and beach lounging to zip lining through the tree tops.  

Isla Mujares private island 

A unique island off the coast of Cancun, that truly is the Jewel of the Caribbean. The island runs at a much different pace than the commonly visited Riveria Maya coast, as it is only 4 miles long and is not overrun by tourism as most other destinations have been. Isla Mujares is home to a Sea turtle sanctuary that has many other aquatic species such as sea horses, tropical fish and the manta ray. Opportunities to snorkel through natural reefs as well as an underwater sculpture park abound on this pleasant slice of the Caribbean. Unlike many of the more popular destinations near by, Isla Mujares is much more mellow, and is not tailored to tourism.