Meet Your Río Usumacinta Guides


Andrew "Sven" Bolton - Global Descents GuideAndrew “Sven” Bolton

Sven is yet another legendary guide that we are lucky to have running trips for Global Descents. If you have ever paddled in Zambia, Switzerland or Austria, chances are you’ve heard of Sven and he probably had something to do with the logistics of your trip. He is a magician when it comes to making things happen. With more than 20 years of river running experience and 15 of those on the Zambezi, Sven is an incredible addition to any trip we run. If you join us on the Zambezi, you’re sure to meet Sven and have the trip of a lifetime. Sven is also a budding politician whom we expect to make a run for Parliament sometime soon. When he’s not on the river or managing rafting operations, Sven enjoys exploring the Alps with his girlfriend, Andie.


Duke Bradford

Duke Bradford has worked in the adventure/tourism industry for more than a decade. From the back of the raft to the forefront of his two adventure-based businesses, Duke excels at finding innovative ways to show wild places to people around the world. He continues to travel and to network extensively in order to maintain the highest levels of creativity and originality in his vision of adventure travel; and somehow he still manages to paddle and ski a couple hundred days a year! Duke lives in Keystone, Colorado with his wife, Anne, and their son, Cassius.



Matt Gontram - Global Descents GuideMatthew Gontram

Matt started rafting and kayaking in Colorado at the age of eighteen. Since that first summer on the rivers of the southwest, Matt has pursued his passion for running rivers around the globe. He has worked as a guide and led expeditions in numerous locations and can never seem to get enough. When not working on the river, you can find Matt looking for a ride to the put-in or tirelessly looking for new destinations for Global Descents. Matt and his wife Wendy call Embudo, New Mexico home and enjoys the rivers of the Southwest as much as possible.



Dave Kashinski - Global Descents GuideDavid Kashinski

When it comes to finding someone to explore a new river or jump on board for anything adventurous, Dave is the first in line and the best partner you could choose. He started running rivers as a kid growing up in Aspen, Colorado. At the age of 17 he started his career as a leading river guide on the Colorado River through Grand Canyon. Working during the summers as he earned his degree from Brown University, Dave’s passion for the river never subsided. After school he continued to follow his passion for running rivers and has become a world-class river guide having worked in many destinations including Chiapas, Belize, Chile, India, Peru, Ecuador and Colombia.