Meet Your Zanskar River Expedition Guides


Dave Kashinski - Global Descents GuideDavid Kashinski

When it comes to finding someone to explore a new river or jump on board for anything adventurous, Dave is the first in line and the best partner you could choose. He started running rivers as a kid growing up in Aspen, Colorado. At the age of 17 he started his career as a leading river guide on the Colorado River through Grand Canyon. Working during the summers as he earned his degree from Brown University, Dave’s passion for the river never subsided. After school he continued to follow his passion for running rivers and has become a world-class river guide having worked in many destinations including Chiapas, Belize, Chile, India, Peru, Ecuador and Colombia.


Harvey King - Global Descents GuideHarvey King

Harvey King’s infectious smile and superlative swiftwater skills make him one of the most oft-requested guides on the globe. He enrolled in a guide training school on the Gallatin River, Montana in the spring of 1991 and has never looked back. In twenty years of river-running, Harvey has traveled and paddled extensively throughout the world, including Costa Rica, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, China, Canada, India, and the United States. He regularly takes trips down the Grand Canyon of the Colorado, and enjoys revealing the wonders of the world to his seven year old boy, Canyon. Harvey lives with Canyon and his wife, Tara, in Taos, New Mexico, where he leads swiftwater rescue seminars and runs an after school program for kids.


Matt Gontram - Global Descents GuideMatthew Gontram

Matt started rafting and kayaking in Colorado at the age of eighteen. Since that first summer on the rivers of the southwest, Matt has pursued his passion for running rivers around the globe. He has worked as a guide and led expeditions in numerous locations and can never seem to get enough. When not working on the river, you can find Matt looking for a ride to the put-in or tirelessly looking for new destinations for Global Descents. Matt and his wife Wendy call Embudo, New Mexico home and enjoys the rivers of the Southwest as much as possible.


Steve Jones - Global Descents GuideSteve Jones

Legendary, what else can we say? Steve is a native of California where his love for rivers began. Honing his skills as a young river guide on the famous Kern River, Steve was an integral part in pioneering one of the greatest sections of river in the U.S., the Forks of the Kern. Steve’s calm demeanor and meticulous eye for safety has led him to become on of the world’s greatest expedition leaders. Leading trips down some of the world’s greatest and most difficult rivers including the Zambezi, Futaleufu, Yangtze, Colca, Katun and the Apurimac. While not leading Global Descents trips, Steve works as a boatman supporting the many scientific research projects on the Colorado River and throughout Grand Canyon.