India Travel Tips


Many airlines fly to India. You’ll fly to Delhi. The easiest way to determine carriers in your area is to use Expedia or Travelocity to determine who flies to Delhi. Check airline web sites for discounts.

If you stay over in Delhi here are a few recommendations. Hotel Grand Godwin or Yatri House. High end hotels include the Imperial or budget hotels near airport are Hotel Tarra St, 2, Marhipalpur Extn, National Hwy 8 phone 26783677. Check with the hotel for airport service at time of reservation.

Domestic Travel Jet Airways is considered by many to be the best. Indian Airlines is a major carrier with ok service. Sahara Airlines – comparable to Jet Airways. Air Deccan with budget fares including flights to Dibrugarh.


Visa Requirements

Visas must be obtained through the Indian Embassy prior to departure.  As of the time of this writing U.S citizens were charged 60USD for a tourist Visa valid for up to 6 months in India. Please be sure to obtain the proper tourist Visa before embarking on this expedition. In addition, your passport must be valid for up to 6 months after your trip date is scheduled. For more information please contact the Indian Embassy or the Global Descents travel desk.


Health Precautions

India requires no specific vaccinations to enter. Please contact the Center for Disease Control or the Global Descents travel desk for more information on vaccinations. Always obtain water from a reliable source when traveling abroad. Global Descents recommends well known and reliable brands of bottled water (with seal intact.) Additionally, peel and/or wash all fruits and vegetables and be wary of street food!  The Zanskar is a physically demanding trip at high altitude.  Contact Global Descents with additional health questions or for pre-expedition work-out recommendations.



The national currency of India is the Rupee (Rs) and at the time of this writing, the exchange rate is 44Rs to 1USD and 79Rs to 1GBP. Global Descents advises not to accept disfigured or torn bills. It’s also a good idea to carry a combination of cash and travelers checks. There are ATM’s available in all major cities (including Leh,) and credit cards accepted at larger hotels and restaurants. Tipping is accepted at restaurants and hotel room services.  Somewhere between 5-10% is appropriate.



This trip offers spectacular shopping opportunities, mostly in the form of outdoor markets full of individual vendors with small booths.  The jewelry, textiles, carvings and religious relics are amazing!  Bargaining is part of the culture practiced in virtually all markets so be prepared.  Plan on your bags weighing in a bit more on your return home!



Hydration is always of the utmost importance for us on all river expeditions.  Especially due to the high temperatures and physical exertion necessary throughout the trip.  In addition to water, we provide a modest amount of cocktails, wine and juice mix.  If you plan on consuming a larger amount of alcoholic beverages, specific sodas or juices, please let your trip leader know in order to find everything you need before the trip.  If there are specific brands you are looking for its best to find them in Duty free on your way to the destination.


Altitude Considerations

Travel to any part of Ladakh deserves a little more respect than other high altitude destinations because the region lies over 2600 meters (8500 ft). People in good health should not be alarmed, however, if you have a medical condition such as high blood pressure, heart or lung disease, please take the advice of a doctor who has experience with the effects of altitude.  Adding any kind of physical activity or training prior to this trip is advisable. This will enable you to enjoy the region more, even though all hikes are optional and the rafting not of a very strenuous nature.  Symptoms such as headache, nausea, dizziness, loss of appetite, fatigue, shortness of breath, and disturbed sleep are fairly common symptoms upon arrival in Leh.  To help insure the utmost comfort and enjoyment throughout the expedition, rest and hydration during our time in Leh is highly recommended.