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Simple Tips for Getting the Most Out of an International Rafting Trip

August 28th, 2015

Global Descents guides adventurers on excursions to some of the most sought after rafting destinations in the world — Matsiatra River in Madagascar, Rio Apurimac and Rio Cotahuasi in Peru, the Zanskar River and Siang River in India, and many more! Because of the exotic, unique destinations that we travel to, curious adventurers are always […]

Cotahuasi River Expedition

February 07th, 2012

Our recent Cotahuasi River expedition was truly an unforgettable adventure. The Cotahuasi carves the second deepest canyon in the world (the first, the Colca, is a just few hundred miles away) and snakes through an arid landscape on the southern coast of Peru. First run by raft in 2000, only a few expeditions have descended into its […]

Voted Best Adventure Travel Company

February 07th, 2012

By National Geographic Adventure Magazine. On a Global Descents river trip you’ll experience a lot more than just whitewater. Before hitting the rapids, you might spend time learning about locals’ spirituality in Ladakh’s Buddhist monasteries or you could visit a cluster of remote Ethiopian villages. Afterward, it’s time to rip—this outfitter charges down some of the […]

Southern Chile Adventure- Running the Rio Pascua

December 24th, 2011

Chile has a lot of great whitewater to offer for the adventurous kayaker. The Futaleufu is probably the most famous one, with great whitewater and easy access. But if you spend some time in Chile, you may want to step it up. Rio Baker is one of the two biggest rivers in Chile, the Pascua […]

Making the Case for Conservation

December 24th, 2011

Global Descents offers multi-day international rafting expeditions in some of the most remote, enchanting – and often threatened – corners of the Earth: Chile’s Futaleufu, the Zambezi in eastern Africa, the vast depths of Peru’s Colca and Cotahuasi Canyons, and the Omo River in Ethiopia. Read More >> GRANITE – Duke Bradford has yet to […]

Top 8 things to do in Zambia by

December 24th, 2011

You know that friend who has traveled to all corners of the world and had tea with the Dalai Lama? Well, chances are he or she hasn’t been to Zambia. In the center of Africa’s southern prong, landlocked Zambia has never had the kind of public transportation or low-cost accessibility that has attracted independent travelers […]

Outside Magazine’s Best Adventure Trips of 2010

December 24th, 2011

In 2002, a team of world-class kayakers sponsored by Outside became the first to descend Tibet’s Tsangpo, the Everest of rivers. Last year, whitewater experts Global Descents made a 110-mile section of the river in India—where it’s called the Siang—available to mortals. The ten-day expedition starts with a helicopter flight from Dibrugarh, Assam, to the put-in near […]

National Geographic Adventurers Ultimate Bucket List 2011

December 24th, 2011

Famed explorer David Livingstone was certainly impressed by Victoria Falls when he reached it in the 19th century, but the rapids of the Zambezi? He thought British steamers would one day sail smoothly down the river. More than a hundred years later, the waters remain untamed. And the Zambezi’s 23 rapids, which roil with waves […]

Voted Outside Magazines South American Trip of the Year in 2011

December 22nd, 2011

Voted Outside Magazines South American Trip of the Year in 2011.